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Nathan Haines

“Peter Urlich has got a great phrase that he says (about jazz) – ‘It sounds like what an ant would listen to on its day off!’ and it’s true!” states saxophonist Nathan Haines who goes on to say “the thing that grips everyone about Coltrane and the reason you still hear Coltrane all the time, even though his music is the most complex of any jazz music is that there is this amazing emotional element. It’s all very well to have the technique down, but the emotional element comes from living and I’ve had a very interesting last 20 years of my life. Unbelievable! From the darkness to the light. So I’m able to channel that through the horn." Nathan Haines talks to Nick Atkinson about recording his new album The Poet’s Embrace live to tape in the manner of the ‘60s jazz greats in this week Music Mix. You can also hear the feature on pianist Kevin Field, who's just released a solo album named Field Of Vision.

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Nathan Haines. Photo: Karl Pierard