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Dictaphone Blues

Dictaphone Blues credited to JENNA TODDThey’re currently blanching the airwaves with a new album Beneath The Crystal Palace. Cantabrian musician and song-writer Ed Castelow has gently kneaded the group through several line-up changes, but he’s found in bass player Rob Collins and drummer Myles Allpress a staunchly committed rhythm section. They're touring this autumn leavened with the keys of session man Mathias Jordan. Castelow was taught to flick a cigarette by Sam Hunt while still at school in Ashburton and after stints playing drums for The Ruby Suns and bass for The Brunettes he's releasing his second Dictaphone blues album without distractions. Nick Atkinson trekked through a murky Auckland night to visit them in the studio.

Myles Allpress, Ed Castelow and Rob Collins. Photo: Jenna Todd

International Independent Record Store Day

The Music Mix heads to Whangarei to visit Dave Ryan at his shop Musicor, which has been running for 45 years! He started in 1967 when all record stores were either upstairs or downstairs in New Zealand. According to Ryan the stairwell added mystery and gave the kids a place to loiter, smoke and make-out. His first shop was underground in James Street where it stayed ‘til the early ‘80s.

Cool Rainbows

Nova Echo were an Auckland band around in the mid 2000’s – they were generating some buzz around them - but only got as far as releasing an EP before they broke up. Three of the band went on to form Shaky Hands, who later changed their name to Cut Off Your Hands. The singer Djeisan Suskov went on to become an audio engineer and producer, acts he’s worked with include Tiny Ruins, Ruby Frost, Dear Time’s Waste and Artisan Guns. He’s also writing songs under the moniker Cool Rainbows. Kirsten Johnstone talks with the tall and loping gent.