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Home Brew

Homebrew cover art“I remember the day when we went to the court case and the judge said ‘one year’…that’s when I put my hand through the ranch-slider. I went downhill from there. It was hard enough for me let alone him. I don’t know what he was going through” says Homebrew main-man Tom Scott of his father’s sentencing. Number one hip hop crew Homebrew get together for a candid and revealing interview with Sam Wicks. You can also hear Wicks' Musical Chairs piece featuring Homebrew main man Ton Scott talking with his father, musician Peter Scott. And get an insight into Tom Scott's musical tastes here (but you'll have to track the tunes down yourself). You can also listen to Tom Scott walking the streets in Thailand!


Kaiser Chiefs

Lead singer Ricky Wilson and guitarist Andrew “Whitey” White talk with Nick Atkinson about their hometown of Leeds, a city Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman once called “a horrible place!” Yet it’s a town renowned for passionate concert-going crowds. The Who Live At Leeds anyone?

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs' Andrew and Ricky in white and blues jeans respectively. Photo: Danny North

Tommy Ill

From a scene-setting appearance on the back of a moving truck at the first Camp A Low Hum to doctored videos that place him in the Late Show hot-seat alongside David Letterman or the Evers-Swindell sisters on one of those beef and lamb ads, self-deprecating local rapper Tommy Ill has a knack for manipulating new media. He ducked out of his day job to talk to Sam Wicks about his typically unconventional major label debut, New Hat and a Haircut.

Donald 'Duck' Dunn 1942-2012

The bass player for Booker T and the MGs left a rich discography recording on his four strings. Steven Shaw, former Chills bass player and founding member of soul band The Reputations, talks about the Stax Studio golden era where artists like Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes relied on Dunn for a pumping bottom-end vibe. We also feature a track from the debut Alabama Shakes record Boys and Girls. It's a bluesy soul album that owes much of its sound to studios like Stax and Muscle Shoals. Nick Bollinger takes a closer look at Alalbama Shakes in this weeks' Sampler.