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Auckland singer-songwriter Zowie is about to release her debut album Love Demolition. She’s currently attracting attention in the New York Times while playing private parties for influential American blogger Perez Hilton and supporting Katy Perry on 11 of her Australasian shows, a world away from her early days as a pupil at Northcote College. Trevor Reekie talks to Zowie about Bionic Pixie, collaborations, and creativity.


UrbantramperLake McKenna’s been self-releasing indie-pop since 2004 while surrounding himself with an ever-changing line-up of collaborators. For his latest album Internet Freedom Is Love, he investigates the modern world and ‘the sharing of sentiment and ideas across vast distance’.

Rodney Fisher

He’s best known as one of the two singers from Goodshirt, who recently reformed. Fisher's been busy since the band’s hiatus, touring with Breaks Co Op through New Zealand and the UK, where he stayed on for five years, putting on big-band-folk-alt-country shows before returning home. Long before that Rodney recorded a solo album which has only now been released. Richard Wain's been on his case for the last seven years, even watching Rodney play a show in old London town. The album's called Songs From The Backyard and it's a wee acoustic gem.RodFisher Landscape

Rodney Fisher. Photo: Murray Fisher.