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Frank Turner

He grew up listening to Rancid and NOFX while playing in hard-core bands. Like a number of his American counterparts Turner’s mellowed as he’s grown older. His forth solo album deals with his national identity as an English man. Nick Atkinson headed down to sound-check to find out more.

Joe Walsh

A member of The Eagles since 1975, Joe Walsh has just released his first solo album in 20 years Analog Man. As the titles suggests, Walsh has one foot in the past. We speak to him about the digital age, U.S. Politics, and how New Zealand inspired him to become sober.

Introducing Water Colours

Chelsea Jade talks us through a new Water Colours tune, Night Swimmer. If you’re on itunes, subscribe to the podcast, just look for Radio New Zealand National Introducing.

Chelsea self portrait

Chelsea Jade self portrait.