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Louis Baker in session

Louis Baker is assured and relaxed performing smouldering soul tunes with nothing but his acoustic guitar for accompaniment. During a cadence for a song called Even In The Darkness he lets out a prodigious shriek, reminiscent of a young James Brown. The wail is of such intensity that, after taking a breath, Louis looks over his shoulder through the studio window and into the control room, all the while chopping down a subtle rhythm on his guitar. Louis wants to make sure the engineer is still there…he raises an eyebrow at the tech who’s fingers have been welded to the faders, what little hair the engineer has left has been blown asunder, but luckily he’s still mixing. Louis turns back to his microphone and executes the song’s coda. Hear the entire session after 11pm this Thursday evening.

Louis Baker performing live in studio.

Music Streaming Services

With the recent launch of Spotify in Australasia, we take a look at what the various new subscription music streaming services provide to the public, and what impact they might have on local music business. What's in it for musicians, songwriters and labels? Kirsten Johnstone speaks to Stephen O'Hoy of local music aggregator Digital Rights Management (DRM), Round Trip Mars label manager Jim Pinckney, Phoenix Foundation's Sam Scott, and author of 'The Economic Reality Of Streaming' Anil Prasad.

Ruby Frost

Jane de Jong, also know as, Ruby Frost is a member of the de Jong family, a Christian music clan that includes her father and manager Mark de Jong, founder of the Parachute Festival, and it was inside the Parachute Music empire that Ruby Frost learned her craft. Frost has just released her electro-pop album Volition, Sam Wicks talked to her about balancing the secular with the spiritual on her debut.