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Imagine a huge storage building, it’s gleaming concrete and steel corridors the picture of modern arrangement. The smell is pungently sterile and the security is airtight. Catch the cavernous lift to the fourth floor and follow the curious echoes of what may, or may not be music until you see, down the back of an endless white and blue corridor, a tall man in close-fitting black jeans playing a double bass. That’d be Jonathan Burgess of Coach, who release their debut album Family Tree on August 17. He has to play out in the hall as guitarist Abe Kunin and drummer Todd Beeby take up all the space in the 3x3 metre storage unit. Hear the album and listen to the band work up their set this Thursday evening in The Music Mix.


Abe Kunin and Jonathan Burgess of Coach. Photo: Nick Atkinson

Toni Huata

A fluent speaker of Te Reo, Toni Huata’s also responsible for introducing many to the language through years of performing in her native tongue both here and overseas. To make her fourth album, Hopukia, Toni worked once again with composer Gareth Farr and collaborated, for the first time, with producer and one half of Pitch Black, Paddy Free. Melody Thomas spoke with Toni and Paddy about their new undertaking.

Trip To The Moon

They may be part of New Zealand’s musical furniture, but guitarist Trevor Reekie and pianist Tom Ludvigson want you to recline in their jazz-inflected ambient-electronica as if it were a classic lounger in front of the wide-screen. The durable pair have made their fifth Trip To The Moon album together called The Invisible Line. Nick Atkinson headed down to Trevor’s urban pad to check out his instruments.

The Blueness

John White, who some may know as the guitarist from Mestar, has ditched his plectrum for keyboards which form the backbone of his Dunedin group The Blueness. His Mestar band-mate Stef Animal has gone on to perform with Wellington shoegazers The Golden Awesome, but we digress; Emma Smith talks with John White about The Blueness, upon the release of their debut album Ravendah Dream.