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The success of the first Nightchoir album ultimately caused the demise of a favourite local rock band, Pluto. From the ashes of that line-up, Pluto bass player and Nightchoir band leader, Mike Hall, rekindled his new band’s flame to record a second album See The First Star. Nick Atkinson has followed Mike Hall’s progress over the last two years as his band has matured.


Nightchoir's Matthias Jordan, Mike Hall and Mike Franklin-Browne


Washington D.C. post-hardcore band Fugazi were hugely influential, not just musically, but ideologically. The band were staunchly D.I.Y., kept shows affordable and all-ages where they could, while spearheading the straight-edge movement, a sub-culture of punk that rejected alcohol, drugs, and violence. In 2002, after fifteen years of touring together, they called it a day, but you can re-live their gigs, courtesy of a huge downloadable archive on their website. Out of around 1200 shows, a good three quarters were recorded. Fugazi’s lead singer Ian McKaye looks back with Kirsten Johnstone.

J Dilla

Acknowledged as one of hip hop's greatest, Detroit producer J Dilla passed away in 2006, leaving his vast catalogue in the care of his mother, Maureen Yancey. Sam Wicks talks to 'Ma Dukes' about protecting her son's musical legacy.