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35 years old - The Dirty Dozen Brass Band have a birthday

They’ve been parping and honking for 35 years so long-time fan Nick Atkinson tracked down band-leader and trumpet player Gregory Davis at his home in New Orleans, on one of his rare days back from touring. The Dirty Dozen spare-headed a brass band revival in the city, but don’t think these fellows are dull old traditionalists. As local trumpet player Tim Stewart said “the level of funk they achieve is high.” Hear Nick's complete interview with Gregory Davis here.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Photo: Daniel Romanov

Chuck Perkins

Running a venue can be a thankless task and poet Chuck Perkins has found it tough after buying Café Istanbul in St Claude, New Orleans. The work involved has meant he’s had barely a moment to hone his particular brand of performance poetry, that’s often backed by musicians playing an improvised blend of soul and jazz specific to the Crescent City.

The Pharcyde

Imani and Bootie Brown reflect on their 1992 debut, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, with hip hop writer Duncan Croft, before Imani and Bootie Brown reflect on their 1992 album.