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The Critic’s Choice Prize

Tap dancer, photographer and freshly minted Critic’s Choice Prize winner Chelsea Jade Metcalf wafted onstage with her three colour co-ordinated Watercolours backing singers. All wore demure cream and one played trumpet. Their ambitious arrangements were at times lost in the chatter of the crowd and the boom of a bass-heavy Kings Arms sound mix, but Chelsea’s act Watercolours had impressed enough of the 13 “critics” in attendance. After the tightest vote in the Critic’s Choice three year history Auckland indie band Beach Pigs and young Zimbabwean rapper Loui the Zu went home with only applause ringing in their ears. The Music Mix was there and if you listen this Thursday you’ll swear you’d been too!


“I always joked I had one good idea and I’ve been driving it for a long time” reflects Earth founder Dylan Carlson on the bands trade-mark hypnotic riff-repetition. Famous for buying the gun with which Kurt Cobain shot himself Carlson reflects that he “didn’t wait for success to embrace the rock’n’roll lifestyle”.  With his wife Adrienne Davies at his side the pair talk to Music 101’s Emma Smith. “I wasn’t a nice person” says Carlson. “You were kind of a dick!” remembers Adrienne. Hear more this Thursday evening.


With your ears now tuned in to the bassy guitars of Earth you’ll be well prepared for the new Bailterspace release Strobosphere. 25 years after a band called Nelsh Bailter Space got together in Christchurch and 13 years since they last released an album our New York Music Mix agent Gemma Gracewood sits down with former Gordons members Alister Parker and Brent McLachlan, who are now long-time residents of New York City where Gemma found them camped in their subterranean Hell's Kitchen hideaway.