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Connan Mockasin

Connan Mockasin’s an elusive character, sometimes hiding behind his long blond fringe, often keeping aloof, on the far side of his bohemian entourage. He co-writes songs with Charlotte Gainsbourg and has his songs remixed by members of The Horrors while he whirs away writing and recording his own material in London. His tour manager Sofia Karchi joins Connan as they speak with Nick Atkinson in a small Ponsonby bar ahead of his Radiohead supports here and in Australia.

Connan Mockasin Choad still

Connan Mockasin. Photo: Sam Handley


Sam Wicks catches the reticent local R’n’B star who has a shimmering new album produced by P Money. While her live act still needs a polish her recording nouse is there for all to hear on her latest release Treble and Reverb.

Sarah Blasko in session

Join Music 101’s Emma Smith hosting a live session with Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, who’s accompanied by her pianist David Hunt. They're performing songs from her new album I Awake interspersed with tales of recording with the Bulgarian Symphony.