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Heart Attack Alley

World girdling local blues trio Heart Attack Alley have had an amazing year. They’ve toured Europe twice, recorded their debut album in Montebelluna, Italy, for uber-hip Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records and they’ve been selling out shows all over. For harmonica player Karl Steven, who has a long and distinguished CV in music and philosophy, it all started with the blues, busking as a teenager outside Dave’s Takeaways on Ponsonby Road with a 14 year old Ned Ngatae on guitar. While Heart attack Alley have cancelled any plans to perform live, Karl’s fiery harmonica playing and enthusiasm for electric blues still burns bright.


Heart Attack Alley

Blues Control

“We were playing new age ambient music (in a group called Water Sports). We had a running joke where we had a rock band as well. That band was called Blues Control” says Russ Waterhouse who speaks to Emma Smith about the bands elastic instrumental music. “We’re actually very sincere, but we’re not pretentious” says Lea Cho who combines different musical “shades” to form the groups audio landscapes.

Pete Swanson

One half of acclaimed noise duo Yellow Swans, Pete Swanson talks about his new solo work, and finding inspiration in The Dead C, psychosis machines and natural disasters.

Louis Baker

We're playing his debut single in this week's Music Mix. Hear Louis Baker's RNZ live session here.