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Mick Harvey

He first met Nick Cave in a high school covers band that mutated into one of the boldest and most individualistic 'live' bands to confront Australian and UK audiences. When the Birthday Party disbanded Cave and Harvey formed The Bad Seeds embarking on a highly successful career until Harvey quit in 2009. Mick was in New Zealand recently playing shows in support of his latest work Sketches From The Book Of The Dead and dropped in to talk about things past and present with Trevor Reekie.


Analogue recording is a labour of love for studio owner, engineer and musician Darren McShane, who came up playing bass in bands like Stick No Bills and the Flying Nun act Chainsaw Masochist. Now Darren’s just released his third Superturtle’s album, Beat Manifesto, on his own label Sarang Bang, recorded in his own facility of course. Nick Atkinson made the trip to the Highbury Shopping Centre in Birkenhead, where he had to look hard to find Earwig Studios.

Darren McShane

Darren McShane of Superturtle. Photo: Courtesy of Sarang Bang Records

Victoria Blood

The newly appointed chairperson of the NZ Music Commission Victoria Blood, on why she thinks she's got what it takes to guide the New Zealand Music Industry.