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Sarah Spicer meets John Lee Hooker

Waihi based singer-songwriter Sarah Spicer pays the rent and brings up her kids with music. She plays her tunes in cafes and bars in the Coromandel and the Waikato. On the weekend she sometimes travels to Auckland to perform covers for corporate shows. You could hardly guess that during almost decade living in San Francisco she would become a close friend and collaborator with the world-famous blues man John Lee Hooker. Tune in to the Music Mix to hear her bitter-sweet story.

Sarah Spicer and John Lee Hooker

Sarah Spicer and John Lee Hooker in San Francisco.

Anthony Tonnon live at Freida’s

Next week debonair singer-songwriter Anthony Tonnon begins a national tour with equally svelte tune builder Chelsea Jade, known on stage as Watercolours. Nick Atkinson was part of an intimate audience in a small Grey Lynn bar as Tonnon performed a handful of new tracks among the songs from last year’s Up Here For Dancing. As you’ll hear his more familiar tunes take on new life with Tonnon in complete command of his epic tonsils.

Anthony Tonnon by Jenna Todd

Anthony Tonnon. Photo: Jenna Todd

Rick Bryant: Return of the Jive Bomber

An undisputed legend of local music Rick Bryant has recorded and performed with Original Sin, Mammal, Blerta and his current batch of projects, The Jubilation Gospel Choir, the Windy City Strugglers and of course Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers, who’ve just released their new album The Blacksoap from Monkeyburg. For The  Music Mix Trevor Reekie catches up with Bryant, collaborator Gordon Spittle and producer Ed Cake.