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Local musicians have cut a good trail towards Berlin and now Bannerman founder Richie Setford is following those blazes with his film-making partner Monica De Alwis, but it’s bitter-sweet for Richie as he leaves behind his fine five piece band who have, over the years, learnt and arranged three albums worth of material. Nick Atkinson tracked down Richie and some of his colleagues at his day-job, running the local music web-site Amplifier, out of the Rhythmethod offices in Auckland.

Bannerman clawhammer promo shot

Richie Setford, A.K.A. Bannerman, heading for Berlin. Photo: Monica De Alwis.

Charity Children

While Richie and Monica travel as a couple to Berlin, Charity Children lovers Chloë Lewer and Elliot Mckee bonded for the first time in this funkiest of German cities. Their debut album The Autumn Came will be big and while it may make you gag a little that the pair call themselves “hopelessly hopeful” their sweet, tender, acoustic guitar-pop is winning over the world, one street corner at a time.

Ariana Tikao

She’s been opening Māori themed gardens in North-East France and playing intimate shows on a selection of Channel Islands. Kirsten Johnstone catches up with Tikao freshly returned from touring her third solo album From Dust to Light which has been featured in a French language blog that features New Zealand music which is evidence that her meditative music is winning fans internationally.