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Jol Mulholland live session

We’re thrilled to have maestro Jol Mulholland recording an exclusve live session after his stint living in Manhattan where he was kept busy filling out the ensembles of touring locals like Lawrence Arabia, Liam Finn and Andrew Keoghan. It wasn’t until he arrived home that the creative dam burst and we’re lucky to have Jol performing two brand new tracks and an old favourite, that’s never been put to tape, possibly because it’s too confessional and mysterious. Tune in!

Joel Mullholand

Jol Mulholland. Phtoto: Dru Faulkner.

So So Modern

After a two year break from playing live, Wellington band So So Modern return with a new album that they’ve toured globally. Taking in Aotearoa, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China was a life changing experience for the trio of Grayson Gilmour, Mark Leong and Dan Nagels.