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Tom Rodwell live session

The man also known as Storehouse Blues takes us on slide-guitar-laced trip that begins in Sheffield, stops briefly up the Wairau Valley before dreaming about the Georgia Sea Islands and the curious mix of earthy, spiritual music that originated there.

Tom Rodwell performing live in studio.

Tom Rodwell. Photo: Nick Atkinson

Sally Ridge Quartet

Nick Atkinson is walking the streets once again and he’s back at his favourite haunt, The Wine Cellar, on K-Road in Auckland City. He’s out on a Tuesday night this time to catch a startling new band lead by Jeff Henderson. As Nick found out they perform strange and wonderful music.

Sheep, Dog & Wolf

At 19 Daniel McBride AKA Sheep Dog and Wolf is seriously dedicated to his art. His first EP, Ablutaphobia, earnt him a special kind of RSI reserved for multi-instrumentalists... full body RSI! More recently he appeared shirtless in a music video for his new album Egospect, and had pottles and pottles of cold paint poured over him, thankfully most of it missed his mouth.