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Bolo live session

A brand spanking new quartet that combines Silver Scroll nominated Tattletale Saints with the heavy-parping Finn Scholes on Trumpet all knitted together with rhythms intricately paved by Thom Broome. Somehow The Music Mix managed to ram these musicians into the miniscule studio C on the third floor of Radio New Zealand House in Auckland. Our brave presenter Nick Atkinson then insinuated his lanky frame between double basses and vintage microphones to host a session that booked and cooked until almost mid-night. It’s country music Jim, but not as we know it.


Finn Scholes from Bolo. Photo: Nick Atkinson

John Newman

It’s as if Otis Reading met Black Box to create a distinctive soul sound in a quaint Northern town in the UK. John Newman’s peculiar voice saw him playing open mic nights at Wigan Pier before moving to London to try and crack the big time. Since then he’s made it to the top of the English charts. The Music Mix has the story.

John Newman by Julian Broad

John Newman. Photo: Julian Borad