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Arli Liberman

We descend to the Dead Sea on a brief but sweltering journey from Tel Aviv via the guitar strings of Israeli axe-man Arli Liberman. Five years ago he fell for his kiwi English teacher and followed her all the way to Aotearoa, which he now calls home. Arli’s just released his brooding self-titled debut closing a chapter that began during his early teens in Israel, when he turned to the guitar after his family fell apart.

Arli Liberman

Arli Liberman. Photo: Hila Elkayam

Anika Moa

She's become a Mum to twin boys, and they were the perfect sample audience for her new album, Songs for Bubbas. Starting with three lullabies penned to lull Taane and Barry to sleep, the collection grew as Anika turned her songwriting talents, and her gift for animal noises, to a set of 10 tunes written with little chillin’ mind.


Toronto trio Metz bring their propulsive onslaught to New Zealand this week. They’ve hardly had a day at home since their self-titled debut exploded into being last year.  It was picked up by Sub Pop, the label that took a punt on Nirvana, with whom they share a few sonic similarities.