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The Bamboos

Sadly The Bamboos don’t get to gig here often. When they do they’re sometimes disguised playing on-stage behind other artists, like UK belter Alice Russel, whom they backed when she toured the antipodes a few years back. They recently played the main stage at Splore and Nick Atkinson got the ex-pat founding member, Lance Ferguson, in for a gam.

Bamboos creditMattJensen

The Bamboos, Lance Ferguson forth from left. Photo: Matt Jensen

Awesome Tapes From Africa

American ethnomusicologist Brian Schimkovitz started a blog and record label based on the cassettes he found travelling in Ghana. He dropped by to make us a mixtape from his unique collection.

Spoek Mathambo

He's one of the artists leading the charge of South Africa's burgeoning dance music scene. He was in Wellington for The Webstock 2014 conference, where he gave a talk on the rise of DIY dance music culture in South Africa. While the entry point for many in the scene was a pirated copy of fruity loops beat making software, Spoek Mathambo was lured in by language. Mathambo speaks to Emma Smith.


UK quartet Wire put out three albums that shattered the boundaries of what punk rock could represent in the late 1970s, but if you stopped there, you'd be missing out on another three decades of challenging, playful but always uncompromising music. The band are famously reluctant to revisit their past, but last year they released Change Becomes Us, an album that revised unfinished songs they abandoned back in 1980. Joe Nunweek joined original members Colin Newman and Graham Lewis the day after their Auckland show, amongst the cicadas at Western Springs.