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Folk Fortnight 2014

Welcome to St Kevin’s Arcade on K-Road in Central Auckland. It’s a grand old joint, lots of glossy ceramic tiles, masonary and steel-framed glass. Soon you’ll be able to hear the reverberant vaulted ceiling. Last week it was transformed into a dance-hall as young men and maidens, normally found parading the indie music hot-spots, Stripped The Willow for the launch of the Folk Fortnight; a city-wide festival of folk. The band you’ll hear is called Gaidhealtachd and we join festival co-ordinator Louise Evans corralling the dancers. Check out the Folk Fortnight website for more info!

Callum Stembridge

Callum Stembridge, one of many Folk Fortnight performers. Photo: Courtesy of The Clare Inn

Show Me Where It Hurts

Auckland two-piece Show Me Where It Hurts are launching their debut 7” on Friday, April 4th at The Lucha Lounge. Nick Atkinson made it along to the Wine Cellar, not so long ago, to check out the new band made up of drummer Ronny Haynes and ex-Thorazine Shuffle front-man Josh Hetherington, who’s ditched the guitar for a Fender Rhodes electric piano. The unconventional duo made an immediate impression supporting Bobby Womack at the Civic Theatre in Auckland last year.

Show Me Where It Hurts

Josh Hetherington and Ronny Haynes (drums). Photo: Andrew B.White


It's a piece of innovative musical theatre written by Rochelle Bright and staring Todd Emerson and Colleen Davis. The play leans on classic kiwi pop songs to frame the story of a relationship that begins with teenage love. Silver Scroll winner Steph Brown arranged the songs, which are performed live by the cast and a small band featuring Steph and guitarist Abe Kunin. Nick Atkinson caught a performance of Daffodils and spoke to the musicians.

Louis Baker live session

Wellington singer/songwriter Louis Baker joins Emma Smith in the studio for a taste of his debut EP, Louis Baker, and the Just Blaze hook that got away.