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Resample South Auckland

Musician, producer and educator Anonymous is known for his slick R&B production and silky piano skills, but he’s ditched the instruments for a new series of recordings that he’ll premier at the Mangere Arts Centre tomorrow night. Music Mix ace Nick Atkinson grabbed coffee with the composer and engineer to find out more about his Resample South Auckland project.



Esteré Dalton. Photo: Emma Smith

With nothing but a 2 year old drum-machine called Lola in her carry-on luggage she’s played shows in Australia, Korea and Europe, while collaborating with a handful of local and international acts, with a recent highlight of supporting Erykah Badu and at Auckland Civic Theatre. Esteré kindly invited Emma Smith over for a tour of her bedroom.

Stages: Mighty Mighty

Staying in Wellington we’re checking out one of the best haunts in town. The thing is, after seven and a half years, Mighty Mighty is closing down. It's a bar that never wanted to be a venue, but which has become an institution for bands and music fans despite itself. Mighty Mighty took away the pressure on acts to be the main attraction by making them part of an environment with other focal points. It will be remembered for exuberant decorations, hard partying staff, and a brilliant atmosphere that allowed live music to flourish. In the final for this series on Stages, Anthonie Tonnon talks to the people saying goodbye to Mighty Mighty.