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Tiny Ruins

Hollie Fullbrook has just returned from a dream-tour, playing cello for Neil Finn in the Northern Hemisphere while fitting in a few solo shows along the way as Tiny Ruins. Eva Radich nabbed Fullbrook just as she got home, to get the skinny on her latest adventure.

Hollie Fullbrook

Hollie Fullbrook

Mark de Clive-Lowe live session

This well-travelled jazz pianist continues his electronic journey, immortalising his monthly residency in L.A. with his latest album Church. He joins Nick Atkinson for a thumping live session.

Mark de Clive Lowe by Nick Atkinson

Mark de Clive-Lowe


During the past few years young bands from New Zealand and around the world have been rediscovering the psychedelic music and culture of the late-60s. Among these acts are Auckland band Sherpa, who've just released their second album is Blues and Oranges. Henry Oliver talked to Sherpa's vibrant front-man Earl Ho about the finer points of writing and recording the album, working with producer Kody Neilson, and why psychedelia is blooming once again.