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....tonight the unlikely tale of an ex-junkie in his ‘60s and the role he played inspiring a young drummer in his mid-20s who’s just released his debut solo album. That drummer is Will Wood, who played in in The Grifters, the very capable former backing band for Bernie Griffen, the rugged and storied gent with a dark past and a new album. Hear how their tales intertwine with Nick Atkinson and Trevor Reekie.

Bernie Griffen - Salvation

Bernie Griffen by Michael Flynn

Bernie Griffen. Photo: Michael Flynn

Auckland singer and story-teller Bernie Griffen is joined by partner and collaborator Kirsten Warner and long time guitarist Steve Roach. Bernie Griffen and his new band, The Thin Men celebrate the release of their new album Salvation at The Tuning Fork in Auckland next Thursday September 25th.....

......curiously our next artist, Will Wood, was Bernie Griffen’s drummer in his previous band The Grifters. Will Wood releases his solo debut Broken Man tomorrow on Lyttelton Records. It’s an album shaped in part, by his time on the drum stool behind Bernie.

Will Wood - Broken Man

Will Wood by Tom Landon Lane resize

Will Wood. Photo: Tom Landon-Lane

Johnny Cooper - The Māori Cowboy

In 1955 he recorded and released 'Rock Around the Clock' before Bill Haley's version had hit these shores. But there was a lot more to him than that timely cover. Chris Bourke pays tribute to the New Zealand pop music pioneer who died at home in Nae Nae earlier this month. Johnny Cooper was 85.

Electric Wire Hustle - Love Can Prevail

Electric Wire Hustle return this week with Love Can Prevail, the follow-up to their 2009 eponymous debut. The band's nucleus Mara TK and Dave Wright talk to Sam Wicks about their evolving lineup and sound.

EWH by Chika Takami

Mara TK and Dave Wright of Electric Wire Hustle. Photo: Chika Takami