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Sola Rosa

Andrew Spraggon of Sola Rosa

Andrew Spraggon, the man behind the moniker, is about to release his sixth studio album. Instead of the usual buffet of session musicians Spraggon’s stuck with a steady diet of five trusted players to create a simmering stock in which to steep an array of international vocal talent.

Diggin' in the Carts

Weird Together

Nick D (fluffy hat) and his band Weird Together.

Broadcaster, producer and DJ, Nick D joins Nick Atkinson to talk up his latest endeavour, a documentary called Diggin’ in the Carts. It’s a web series that hunts down the personalities behind early computer game music, a genre that’s proved remarkably influential for a generation of artists around the world who grew up with those infectious 8-bit melodies.

Smokefree Rockquest

For teenage rock and pop musicians, Smokefree Rockquest is one of the most important events of the year, and its alumni include musicians in groups as disparate as Broods and Die! Die! Die!. One time competitor Anthonie Tonnon goes backstage at this year's final in Auckland to see how much has changed.

Pacifica Beats

An event that grew out of, and is sometimes overshadowed by, the Smokefreerockquest, Smokefree Pacifica Beats is a chance for young musicians to reflect Aotearoa's unique culture and position in the South Pacific. The Music Mix heads along to see what kind of musicians this unique competition is producing today.