26 Aug 2014

The Panel with Finlay MacDonald and Ellen Read (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:07 pm on 26 August 2014

Topics - we've heard from the economists who say National's new home-buying incentives linked to Kiwisaver will drive up house prices, and we've heard from people in the real estate industry who say no, developers will tailor their product and make $550,000 homes available. A man with an IQ of 55 has been in preventive detention for 46 years - most of that time, illegally, according to a lawyer taking his case to the UN. We'll talk to that lawyer Tony Ellis shortly. He's now 58 years old this man, and was sent to prison after being detained on sex offences when he was 13. He's been in psychiatric institutions or prisons since 1969, except for one year of freedom in the 1990s. The GP whose patient died after he "completely forgot" to tell her she probably had breast cancer. As it turned out, she did. The doctor told the inquiry he "either overlooked or completely forgot about a radiologist's comment pointing out a suspicious lesion." The Police Association says yesterday's shooting in a Hamilton carpark shows criminals are armed, and police should be the same.