19 May 2014

The Panel with Finlay MacDonald and Jordan Williams (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:35 pm on 19 May 2014

topics - researchers have found that we're disposed to buy products with eyes on them looking back at us. One of the things they did was manipulate the gaze of the cartoon rabbit on a product called Trix. Even adults were more likely to grab Trix off the shelf if the rabbit was looking at them rather than away. A network of CCTV cameras with facial recognition technology is being rolled out in Auckland and then nationwide. Thousands more cameras. Civil liberties advocates have expressed concern over the project, suggesting it means everyone is a suspect; advocates for the system say it'll make us all safer. should a doctor be entitled to receive money from a dying patient? He breached standards, of course. Dr Jonathan Graham Wright was found to have breached professional and ethical standards when he accepted $150,000 from an eccentric dying patient, Cornelis Soeters.