25 Apr 2015

Ode to Gallipoli by Bev Wood

From The Reading, 5:05 am on 25 April 2015

Anzac cove
Photo: Adrienne Baron.

A young woman on her OE is drawn to her great-grandfather's grave at Gallipoli.

Read by Peter Hambleton.

Produced by Prue Langbein and engineered by Phil Benge.

Ataturks Words
Photo: Adrienne Baron.

Bev Wood is a Hamilton writer.  She has written stories and poems for children and adults, travel articles, a wine column and memoirs.  She is addicted to reading and writing, walking and talking, wining and dining, people and travel.  It was on a trip to Turkey when the idea for this story germinated.  She loved the friendliness of the Turkish people, the fabulous food and the amazing scenery, but it was the sheer horror and futility of that terrible battle at Gallipoli that moved her to tears.  The memory of the row after row of graves in this peaceful spot has remained in her heart and mind ever after. 

Peter Hambleton (1960) is a Wellington based stage, film, radio and television actor, and stage director. Well known for his stage work he also played the Dwarf Gloin in the Hobbit trilogy.

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