20 Jun 2016

Small Windows 1: 'The Nest' by Nomoda

From The Reading, 10:45 am on 20 June 2016

Maria's English improves when a young girl strikes a deal with her. Together they turn Maria's fear and confusion into gratitude and love for her new home.

Read by Keagan Carr Fransch

illustration of birds nest

Nomoda – The Nest

Nomoda is from Colombia. She worked as an assistant in a medical laboratory taking and testing blood samples. She left her homeland at the age of 40, becoming a resident of New Zealand in 2015. She is now studying English and works as a volunteer at Te Hopai Home and Hospital where she leads recreational activities. She is an active member of her Church community. When she has finished studying English Nomoda hopes to go to university to study social work. Her dream is to help other people who are in need. She lives with her two children and has one remaining daughter in Columbia. She hopes to reunite with her soon. This would complete her happiness. Nomoda is passionate about music. She loves to sing and dance.

This is the first time Nomoda has written for the public, but she often writes personally, especially when life is difficult. She will write down her troubles, tear up the words and throw them away. She is happy to be able to keep this story.

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