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Nick Bollinger discusses Shihad frontman Jon Toogood's latest project, The Adults; the robotic pop of F In Math; and a 'lost' prog-rock epic with local connections.

The Adults - The Adults (Warner, 5249864942)
Reunite (Toogood)
Most Important (Toogood/Carter)
Nothing To Lose (Toogood/Tamati)
A New Beginning (Toogood/Deans)
Anniversary Day (Toogood/Deans)
Sleep Me Tight (Toogood/Moa)
One Million Ways (Toogood/Carter)

F In Math - The Couch EP (Flying Nun)
Elephant Heart
Fish Of Pre-History
Don't Look Down
Aether Teens (all Logie)

Immram - The Voyage of the Corvus Corrone (Escape Artists, 001)
Novi Orbis
The Voyage Of The Corvus Corrone
Let Us Leave…
The Edges Of The Map
To Liberty (all McLaney/Ross)