11 Nov 2014

The Sampler for 11 November 2014

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 11 November 2014

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift. Supplied.

In the Sampler Nick Bollinger traces Taylor Swift’s progress from country star to pop icon, reviews the homegrown blues of ‘Planet Key’ author and Smokeshop founder Darren Watson; and an Afrobeat update from Seun Kuti.

Music Details:

Taylor SwftArtist: Taylor Swift
Songs:  Shake It Off, Blank Space, Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl, Out Of The Woods, Welcome To New York, Clean
Album: 1989
Label: Big Machine

Darren Watson IntroducingArtist: Darren Watson
Songs: Slow Cooker, Southern Sunshine, Some Men, Hungarian Rhapsody For A Kiwi Fulla, Every Morning, I Don’t Know What It Is
Album: Introducing Darren Watson
Label: Independent

Seun Kuti A Long WayArtist: Femi Kuti & Egypt 80
Songs: African Airways, African Smoke, IMF, Ohun Aiye, Higher Consciousness
Album: A Long Way To The Beginning
Label: KFR