27 Oct 2015

Fading Frontier by Deerhunter

From The Sampler, 7:35 pm on 27 October 2015

Jim Pinckney tunes into the latest transmission from the Atlanta art-rocker.

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Back with a seventh album, Deerhunter have made their most direct and assured statement yet with Fading Frontier. After the scratchy majesty of Monomania, their last album which camouflaged its charms under layers of lo-fi effects and distortion, here they have chosen to let the songs breathe, rather than presenting obstacles to enjoyment. Produced by the band and Ben H. Allen III, who was last involved in what may be their greatest achievement to date, Halcyon Digest, it’s a bright, tough sounding record that does all the right things. With Cox’s habit for winding up media, and antagonising the wrong people at the wrong times, they’re not an outfit you’d want to bet on, however Fading Frontiers could be their best shot at any sort of mainstream success. Highly melodic, and packing a good deal more conviction and interest into their songs than most indie bands can dream of, the chances of Cox wanting to make such an unambiguous record again in a hurry are possibly remote.

Songs played: All The Same, Snakeskin, Duplex Planet, Take Care, Leather and Wood, Breaker, Ad Astra, Carrion

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