13 Mar 2015

The Week In Review for week ending Fri March 13 2015

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 13 March 2015

A review of the week's news including... Blackmailers threaten to poison infant milk formula unless New Zealand stops dropping 1080 in the bush, the Prime Minister says the Government's electronic spy agency does not do mass surveillance, a kauri tree protest climber is charged with trespassing hours after the tree wins a reprieve from the developers' axe, the jury in the Mark Lundy murder trial told that tissue found on his polo shirt was definitely brain material, Police say every effort was made to save a man who died during an altercation with officers who used tasers, Solid Energy warns MPs more job cuts are inevitable, Auckland Council's new chief economist says inner city land values could crash unless high density housing is allowed, a Dutch entrepreneur who dreams of sending humans on a one-way trip to Mars by 2024 and we remember a special day in New Zealand sport twenty years ago this week.