10 Apr 2015

The Week In Review for week ending April 10 2015

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 10 April 2015

A review of the week's news including.... Media commentators say they expect a review of TV3's Campbell Live show will lead to it being axed, a business leader warns that parity with the Australian dollar is a double edged sword, a police officer criticised in an independent report on the handling of the Roast Busters case has criticised the police management's response to the inquiry, the police searching for a missing Southland boy say all the evidence so far points to him being the victim of a murder-suicide, conservation group has been at the centre of a dramatic rescue after a poaching vessel it's been shadowing for more than three months sank of the west African coast, higher fences to stop mental health patients getting out won't be happening at a Hamilton unit with a history of escapes including two in the past week, more than two hundred seafood workers told they'd be out of a job by the end of the month, Auckland's housing market is being likened to a giant ponzi scheme by one leading economist, the family of a mother of three killed while she was out jogging is angry the driver who hit her has not been jailed and controversial zero-hour contracts at some fast food chains are set to be scrapped.