Orange juice

How OJ muscled its way onto our breakfast menus with author Alissa Hamilton. Plus we put 5 of New Zealand's top brands to the test to see if claims like"no added sugar"and"not from concentrate"really stack up.

NYC calorie counters

One year after New York introduced calorie counters on restaurant menus, people are saying they're seriously inaccurate and don't really change consumer behaviour. Sarah di Gregorio reports.

Cheaper cellphone calls?

Peter Griffin's comparing the offers, pricing plans and handsets for new mobile phone provider, 2degrees. Is it worth switching from Vodafone, Telecom or Telstra Clear?

Mead making

Leon Havill's been brewing this amber tipple made from honey for more than 40 years. We drop into his meadery in Rangiora.

Distracting ringtones

A new study that shows just how distracting the noise of a ringing cellphone can be. Jill Shelton's measured how well college students can recall information before, during and after the interruption.