Recycling hotel soap

Shawn Seipler recycles unused hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, sewing kits and even shoe shine kits, all in the name of helping others.

iPlot 3: Planning to Plant

We've got a long list of crops for planting but what's realistic for our small urban garden? Colin Walker helps out.

Libyan shopping

Ian Black's just got back from Libya where consumer life's been changing since the lifting of UN sanctions a few years back.

Deathly bug repellent

Dave Rollo's a Canadian biologist who might just have found the ultimate insect repellent.

Digital backups 1

Peter Griffin reviews some of the free and paid-for options for storing and backing up your important personal data online.

Buying happiness

Money's not meant to be able to buy you happiness but Kathleen Vohs says handling some cash can help you overcome physical pain and social rejection.