Marinated meat: why so cheap?

A listener's food question: why is marinated steak cheaper than plain steak? Meat scientist Dr Brian Wilkinson of Massey University explains.

Cheese history

Author Andrew Dalby's just written the global history of cheese.

Food product placement

Lisa Sutherland of Dartmouth Medical School has studied 200 Hollywood blockbusters to see how many times branded food and drinks appear on screen. They're everywhere!

Exercise and brain growth

Dr Tim Bussey from Cambridge University is showing that regular exercise can grow your brain and help your memory...if you're a mouse.

Darts: history, club night and stats study

How the game and the board developed with darts historian Dr Patrick Chaplin. Plus we drop into a local darts club for a game of 501 and find out the best place to aim on a dartboard, statistically speaking!


Not a new Apple product but a potential new way to identify yourself when dealing with government departments online. Andrea Gray and Karl McDiarmid of The Department of Internal Affairs.