Kaimoana: Crayfish

We look at the crayfish with Rachel Taulelei, how it develops and how to prepare it.

Festive Leftovers

Roger Cook of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority on how long we should hang on to our Christmas turkey and ham.

Chocolate wars

Author Deborah Cadbury on the early British chocolate industry and the Quaker business model.

Mental diet

Carey Morewedge of Carnegie Mellon University on his study into how imagining eating food could make you eat less.

Digital heirlooms

Richard Banks of Microsoft on preserving our digital memories for future generations.

Headaches: causes and cures

Consultant neurologist Dr Paul Timmings on what causes headaches and migraines.

Health and Fitness Apps

Richard MacManus with the latest applications for monitoring your health. Plus the new Radio New Zealand app.