Kaimoana: Paua

Fruits of the sea with Rachel Taulelei of Yellow Brick Road. This week we look at paua, the mollusc you're most likely to find on a rock or in a fritter.

Zero waste fashion

A new exhibition is highlighting the work of 'zero waste' designers who try to avoid the traditional 15 percent of fabric wastage in their designs. We speak to designer Jennifer Whitty and curator Holly McQuillan.

Uganda banana blight

Uganda's trying to find a genetically-modified solution to a disease that's decimating its banana crop. Xan Rice reports.

Gaming: Nintendo 3DS, Homefront, Yoostar 2

The latest gaming news with Keith Stuart of the Guardian. Nintendo launches a handheld 3D gaming console called the 3DS (without the silly specs). Plus we're reviewing two new games- Homefront and Yoostar 2.

Listener loopaper lament

Some rather delicate questions about toilet paper from a listener. Does more money always equal greater softness? And what are the drawbacks of using scratchy sandpaper on your derriere? Professor Geoff Duffy from the University of Auckland knows his paper.

Sherry Turkle: Alone Together

Sherry Turkle is a psychologist and MIT professor who studies how people's personal relationships are being affected by digital technology in her book 'Alone Together'.