Small Homes

Some folk are taking the idea of downsizing pretty seriously and choosing to live in tiny spaces of 10 square meters and less. Gregory Paul Johnson is the founder and director of the Small House Society.

Pests: Slugs

On the slimy trail of some slugs with pest controller Paul Chapman. Plus Mike Wilson of Agresearch knows all about slugs' lifestyles and the best ways to kill them.

DIY cheese maturing

Listener Robert wants to save cash by buying a block of mild cheese and maturing it in the plastic wrapper at home. So can he turn mild cheese into tasty himself? With Rod Bennett of Massey University.

High alcohol wines

The alcohol level of many wines is now up at 14 or even 15 percent. We're speaking to wine writer Mike Steinberger of about what's going on, and getting a more local perspective from Kirsten Creasy, who's a senior tutor in Oenology at Lincoln University.

Roasting chestnuts

We're roasting chestnuts with street vendor William Beauchamp. But these sweet or edible chestnuts- not to be confused with conkers- can be a hard sell to New Zealanders.

All-natural insect repellent

Marc Dolan of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Colorado is working on a new natural insect repellent that's meant to be just as effective as DEET. Even better, this stuff- nootkatone- is so safe you can eat and drink it!