Lots of us have used social networks to find friends, jobs, and even love. Well now people with the same intestinal bacteria can hook up on a new social networking site! Mani Arumugam is a geneticist working for MyMicrobes.

Shining cuckoo update

A quick update on last week's story about sightings of the shining cuckoo. Listener Jen Calder may have made a startling discovery.

Kaimoana: Oysters

We're shucking oysters with Rachel Taulelei from Yellow Brick Road.

Recycling cigarette butts

Curtis Baffico is offering US$6 a kilo for old cigarette butts. He's trying to kickstart a recycling industry for the trillions of them discarded around the world every year.

Lip balm support group

Lip balm is the greasy stuff that stops our lips from cracking especially in cold weather. But some people are heavy users. With Kevin Crossman of Lip Balm Anonymous and consultant dermatologist Dr. Louise Reiche.

Air purifying jeans

Sheffield University scientist Professor Tony Ryan is on a team making the world's first pair of air-purifying jeans.

Naked science: overconfidence and fatherhood

Naked Science with Dr Chris Smith. This week, overconfidence and how fatherhood, and specifically caring for children, can make testosterone levels fall.

UK consumer news

And before we go we're off to the UK with Chris Parkin where the mini skinless kiwifruit is hitting supermarket shelves, and used nappies are being used as roofing material.