27 Sep 2014

Cocktails in resthomes

From This Way Up, 12:44 pm on 27 September 2014

Helen Jermyn Magic Me
Image: © Helen Jermyn Magic Me.

Mai Tais, cosmopolitans and margaritas are on the menu in some rest homes.

Themed cocktail evenings have been added to the activity list for rest home residents, allowing them to not only put their hair down occasionally, but also connect with other generations.

Loneliness and depression is common in rest homes and retirement villages. According to Campaign to End Loneliness, 40 percent of older people in care facilities in the UK have depression.

To reduce that, and to give residents something to look forward to regular cocktail evenings are organised, with volunteers of all generations coming from the community to mix and mingle over a cocktail or two.

Cocktails in resthomes
Images: Left - © Chaira Ceolin, Magic Me. Right: ©Eduardo de Oliveira, Magic Me.