22 Oct 2016

The best lawnmower ever?

From This Way Up, 12:35 pm on 22 October 2016

Over the last ten years, lawn mowing injuries have jumped from 4200 ACT claims to over 7300 in the last year.

The injuries are mainly strains and sprains, so could a lighter powerless mower be the answer?

George Block from Consumer.org.nz thinks for many consumers they could be the answer and for the first time in over 50 years an electric mower has taken top spot in its annual survey of mowers.

He says the enduring popularity of heavy petrol mowers is probably contributing to this spike in injuries, especially when used by tradesmen doing many mows a week.

The Stihl RMA cordless scored 89 percent and beat all other petrol models as the best all round mower.

It has a small high torque brushless motor powered by a light weight lithium battery.

The top end battery gives one hour cutting time.

But they come at a price over $1000 for the unit, charger and battery.

Although George says over their lifetime they pay back with very low running costs and little maintenance.

And for the first time they can handle long grass cutting because of the powerful high torque motor.

And, he says at 15kgs lighter, over time an electric mower could save your back as well as money spent on petrol, oil and trips to the mechanic.