1 Apr 2017

The bike gang with Gold Cards

From This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 1 April 2017

The Folding Goldies is a different sort of bike gang.  

To join up all you need is a Gold Card for a free train ride, a bike (ideally a folding one) and some free time. Basically, the group uses public transport as a passport to get off the beaten track. 

The beauty of a folding bike is that it can be easily carried onto a train or a bus (usually off peak to beat the rush hour commute), avoiding any restrictions on the number of bikes that can be transported.

Every few weeks, prompted by organiser Alastair Smith, they hit the rails and the trails around Wellington.

Once they arrive at their destination they set up their bikes and head off exploring, with each adventure ending with a coffee (and an obligatory slice) at a local cafe.

"I've been living with a form of cancer for a decade or so, and I think biking has meant that I have been perhaps a bit more resilient in dealing with the treatments that I've had to have", Mr Smith says.

Folding Goldies members say it's a great way of staying active and meeting people.