24 Jun 2017

The tech transforming golf

From This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 24 June 2017

Sports fans are a demanding lot! They want live action, instant replays and super slow mo, as well as perceptive commentary and insightful analysis supported by the latest data beamed live and direct from the field as well as from the players themselves.

Animation Research in Dunedin brought you the graphical interpretation of the 1992 Americas Cup.  Fast forward 25 years and we can all be yachting experts without any of us falling overboard or the sea spray and lifejackets.....all you need today is a screen!

And similar technology is being used in televised coverage of golf too. For the first time the spectator will know far more about how a player is performing than the golfer or their caddie out on the fairway. 

Ben Taylor is the golf operations manager at Animation Research. He's been working on the TV coverage of the 117th US Open golf championship that's just tied up at Erin Hills in Wisconsin.