State of the Nation Panel

From Waitangi Day, 8:10 am on 6 February 2015
Waitangi Thursday 5 February 2015.

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

People at Waitangi, 2015.

“Maori, when we are at our grumpiest, we will go for a walk; when we are feeling homicidal we will throw an egg or a tee-shirt, we are not Sinn Féin, we are not ETA, we are not ISIS...  we are open to dialogue and I think that that has contributed to the meilleur that we are in, and I’m optimistic for my children and my grandchildren.”
 - Dr Ella Henry

A special Waitangi Day panel discussion featuring senior lecturer in Maori Studies from AUT Dr Ella Henry; politician, banker and thinker Dr Don Brash; James Dunne - a constitutional lawyer and partner in the firm Chen Palmer, and  Associate Professor of Pacific Studies at Auckland University Dr Damon Selesa.

Host Jesse Mulligan is keen to get a snapshot of where we are as a nation - where we are getting things right, and where our potential challenges lie.