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Wayne's Music 28 Feb/1 March 2009. 1950s.

Wayne Mowat with another mucial time line of the 20th century. In which decade was the first organ transplant? The First Peanuts Cartoon strip? When did the world first see colour TV? When was the car seat belt introduced? And when was DNA discovered? Right, the 1950's, when rock'n'roll was born!

Eh Cumpari Julius La Rosa, the Brooklyn Boy has a wonderful way with the old Italian songs.
Kansas City Wilburt Harrison's records are especially notable for the presence of the brilliant guitarist Wild Jimmy Spruill, whose solo on "Kansas City" is one of the most memorable in the history of rock and roll.
Just Between You And Me The Chordettes, America's top female group of the 50s.
Who's Sorry Now Connie Francis is considered the most prolific and popular female rock 'n' roll hit-maker of the early rock era.
Bimbombey Jimmie Rodgers is not related to the legendary country singer of the same name.
Lonesome Town Ricky Nelson was the first teen idol to utilize television to promote hit records.
Little Things Mean A Lot The Platters.The most successful incarnation in my opinion, comprising lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor.
You Are My Destiny Paul Anka.

and many,many more ...