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Wayne's Music 6/7 February 2010. 1940s.

Wayne Mowat with the tunes that only the pre-boomers will be familiar with, and some of you still sing them today!

My Heart Belongs To Daddy one of the first ladies of swing Ella Fitzgerald with this Col Porter classic Porter

Until Tonight one of my favourite Ben Webster tracks - they called him the Brute for his tough, raspy and brutal tone on stompin numbers, yet on ballads like this he played with warmth and sentiment.
Panama, Lazy River, Lazy Bones a concert in New York in February 16th and the 21st, 1949 when two old friends were having fun embellishing some of the old favourites. Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.
That's What The Well Dressed Man In harlem Will Wear the man who's piano and vocal style ensures him undying fame, Fats Waller.
Raindrop Serenade twin piano magic from two keyboard stars of Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians - Fred krieser and Buddy Brennan.
It Had To be You Dorothy Lamour - the siren of the seven seas - the pin-up girl in the sarong frequently raised laughs when she was playing stooge to Bing Crosby and Bopb Hope in the "Road" movies - but she also had a way with a good song.
Life Get's Teejus Don't It the classic, humouress narration from 1948 by tex Williams.
Jelly Jelly I always think of Billy Eckstein as the first Afro-American pop idol with his snazzy, satorially elegant appearance and his smooth moves as a bandleader, trumpeter, trombonist, guitarist and vocalist.

and many, many more ...