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Wayne's Music 26/27 June 2010. The return of the Instrumental.

Last Night The Mar-Keys. It appeared in 1961 and believe it or not was on the first LP released by The Stax Label.
The Dis-Advantages Of You
not the most flattering title for a combo called The Brass Ring, a studio group for a series of easy listening instrumentals in the Dunhill label in the late 60s.
March From The River Kwai Mitch Miller In the early '50s recorded with Columbia's house band as "Mitchell Miller and His Orchestra".
Summer Samba Walter Wanderley with his late entry in the Bossa Nova wave that swept the album market in the mid-60s.
William tell Overture Sounds Incorporated - the British band backed many of the American pop acts in the UK - Little Richard, Brenda Lee, Sam Cooke,and of course later became famous around the world as the opening act for The Beatles.
Mexico Bob Moore, a bass player really introduced the mariachi horn sound to an unsuspecting public a good year before Herb Alpert rekindled it in his string of hits.
Back Home The Shadows, with the B-side of Frightened City which was a little tune made up on the spot in the studio in 1961.
Airport Love Theme The exotic, shimmering beauty of Vincent Bell's guitar and what he called his "water Sound". Nut Rocker B Bumble And The Stingers was the name of the house band at Rendevous records, doing rock versions of classical pieces.

and many, many more ...