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Wayne's Music 4/5 December 2010. 1970s albums.

Tomorrow Joe Walsh from the 4th studio album.
Blue Sunday
The Doors, Morrison Hotel
Sweet Summer Lovin'
Dolly Parton with Carol Carmichael on backup vocals.
John McLaughlin
Miles Davis from Bitches Brew
Freedom For The Stallion
Hues Corporation
The Wizard
Black Sabbath
Diamonds And Rust
Joan Baez
Love The One You're With
Stephen Stills
Crying Laughing, Loving, Lying
Olivia Newton John
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Neil Young
Far far Away
Ruby Love
Cat Stevens
Coldest Night Of The Year
Maybe I'm Amazed
Paul McCartney

Wayne's Music Sunday 5 December 2010. 1970s albums. PART ONE.

Statesboro Blues Allman Brothers band at Fillmore East Dark Side Of The Moon Roger Miller
Blue Skies
Willie Nelson
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan Marianne Faithfull


Honky Tonk Heroes Waylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver, Tompall Glaser - outlaws.
Us And Them
Pink Floyd
He's Mistra Know It All
Stevie Wonder
Help Me
Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell
If I Could Only Win Your Love
Emmylou Harris
Legalize It
Peter Tosh
Just The Way You Are
Billy Joel
Rocking Shopping Centre
Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers
Reelin In The Years
Steely Dan
One Piece At A Time
Johnny Cash
You're My best Friend

Heart Of Glass Blondie Harry/Stein

Don't Let It Die Hurricane Smith Smith